A Design Research Seminar Project at IDC, IITB under Prof.Phani Tetali
Here my aim was to learn the basics of stereoscopy understand the medium and its possibilities and employ its full potential in my discipline, also to find out the answers to some questions which always arise in my mind while watching any stereoscopic movie like, what is the process involved? What are the factors which affect the stereo vision? What are the different ways of getting that effect?
Thus applying that knowledge practically by selecting a theme song and doing stereo photography accordingly.

Stereo photography is the art of taking two pictures of the same subject from two slightly different viewpoints and displaying them in such a way that each eye sees only one of the images.

Stereoscopic views, or stereographs, consist of two nearly twin photographs -- one for the left eye, one for the right. Viewing the side-by-side images though a special lens arrangement called a stereoscope helps our brains combine the two flat images and "see" the illusion of objects in spatial depth.

A wooden rig (stereo rail) was made so as to keep the camera stable

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