Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 My final clay animation project at IDC on 'Old Age' :)

Gajar ka halwa is about the day to day meaningless squabbles shared between the old couples. The love, well it does exits but in an amusing way. The priorities might change over the time the couples have spent together, however they adore their imperfectness of life.
A sweet glimpse of my movie would share the silly and humorous moments the grandma and grandpa have seen together.

                                                       Character Development 

I did various explorations before coming to a final design of my characters. I used to go to the lake side in my campus with my sketchbook as many old people used to come there in the evening. I initially started with exploring just the faces.

Final character

Grandmother cooking the gajar ka halwa for her granddaughter.Grandfather wants to have it but she is not allowing due to various health issues. Thus the various attempts of the grandfather to get that halwa.

Character  Armature

Final Character

Set Design

Few of the props

                                                                                The Making of the Set

Working with the Expressions

Here is the glimpse of my film